January Film

I learned photography on a Canon Rebel film camera. And also a Canon A-1 (man I loved that camera). There, I’ve said it, I’ve used Canon before but switched to Nikon when I started shooting digital. I’m now using a Nikon n60…but I’d gladly take an A-1 if anyone is getting rid of one…
**glad I got that off my chest**

This year I am challenging myself to shoot more film. Not for clients, but for myself and to help slow down and really learn about the camera, light, film and the craft in general. Images that I will be posting will be straight out of the camera [SOOTC]; no post processing or retouching in any way. For me this is kind of like leaving the house without any makeup on. I’ve gotten use to taking a quick peak at images when I take them and shrugging off imperfection thinking I can just “fix it” later. Really, shouldn’t I just take the photo correctly the FIRST time around? I am dedicating myself to get better at doing it right the first time – I owe this to myself and to the clients I work with.

Sometimes I get a roll back and I am pleasantly surprised with the results…other times I want to hide my head! I hope you enjoy my process, feel inspired, giggled a little, and pick up your camera and play a little as well.

Images below were shot with Nikon n600, Kodak Portra 400

My dad’s workspace in Cle Elum…

Wright Park | Tacoma Washington

Okay, guilty. Not from January. But it was on the roll I got developed. This image was from this fall, my boy is just too cute NOT to share.

And just for fun (because it was a Christmas gift!!) –

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