Jessica || Tacoma Portrait Photographer

Last May, when I was getting ready for the Downton Abbey Styled shoot I had this vision to do a 1960’s styled session with my friend Jessica. Call me crazy, but I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. What finally convinced me that this was something that needed to happen was my Aunt’s house. Yeah…you read that correctly, my Aunt’s house!

At Christmas time the family was all there, and I started to look a little closer to all the time and attention to detail that she and her husband have put into making this a true mid century house. The details are absolutely exquisite!  So I called my dear friend Jessica and we decided to move forward with it.

What was interesting was working with film in a low light situations.  I choose to work with Fuji pro400 because it has a higher ISO, although I could have also worked with a Kodak Portra 800.  I am learning how film responds indoors, and outdoors and that film is much more sensitive to how light is reflecting onto my subject’s face.  I was really pleased with the results when Jessica was facing window light, the results are clear and beautiful!   We had so much fun for this session and I hope it shows in these images!

Makeup Artist: Becki Clancy

Clothing: Vanity Fashion Boutique 

**Fuji pro400, scanned by Indie Film Lab, black and white images were desaturated. **


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  • Love these! Thank you for the opportunity to help out with the styles. They all look wonderful! Great lighting, fabulous house, beautiful model, talented photographer and lovely vintage clothing!!!!