Jordan Senior Portraits | Olympia

You might remember Jordan when we took her photos in August. Since then she has dyed her hair…Carly, my sister and I met Jordan and her boyfriend Jeff in downtown Olympia to do some before and after shots.  I couldn’t believe how different these sessions were!  We had so much fun with you guys!  Hope you enjoy your photos!!

On a completely different side note…we found some railroad tracks in Olympia and spent some time there.  Trains & tracks hold a special meaning for me, only because I believe they are rich with symbolism. My freshman year in college I had a psychology teacher tell me that every time you see train tracks, hear a train or see a train in a movie it is a way of signifying there is about to be a significant change in the plot.  At first I didn’t believe her…but the more movies I watched  the more I saw it.

So to take pictures of Seniors on train tracks…it seems obvious, but there is about to be a significant change in their story.  Its a signal to watch, to listen and to brace yourself something BIG is about to happen!!











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