Katie's Senior Photos | Tacoma

Usually I write some sort of photo story…but this seems more appropriate  ~ about a month before I met Katie, her mother emailed me with a description of who Katie is.  I was touched by how Katie’s mother, Cindy explained her daughter I wanted to share what her mother said with you.

Another note about Katie…she wanted to have her senior photos taken while she was dress in complete, authentic Kimono…how cool is that??  After she literally unwrapped from her Kimono, we headed down to Kings Books in Tacoma…we could have done the “normal senior photos” but Katie would have hated them…so we avoided anything that looks like a normal photo and went to town!!  SO much fun by they way!!

“She wants to major in Japanese and minor in Education.   She wants to teach Japanese.  Probably her Junior year she will do a study-abroad program.  She is considering asking for a Japanese exchange student as a roommate…to force her to work on her fluency.  I think it’s a good idea but she will be so sad if that student is only here for a short time.”

“You’ll see as you talk to her and when you meet her she is very unusual.  Very focused.  Really scarey smart.  And definately a bit odd!!!!  In the very best odd way.  She loves the beauty of the outdoors and may do some easy hikes …if the sun is out and the flowers are blooming she will walk around for a long time taking pictures or settle down somewhere with a book.”

“She is not a party person.  For her birthday (18) this January she had some friends over and they made a blanket fort and played Apples to Apples and ate pizza… She is the glue that holds her friends together.  Her teachers all love her and everyone at Spanaway Lake knows who she is because of her drive to accel!!!   The Assistand Principal told me she needs to lighten up and not worry so much 🙂 Hah she doesn’t know Katie.  Her third grade teacher told be the same thing…nothing has changed in the past 9 years.”

Katie, it was a complete honor to spend the afternoon with you & I hope you LOVE LOVE LOVE Bellingham.  God Bless!!

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