“our imagination needs images that celebrate peace, justice and wholeness towards which our dismal, conflicted, polluted and fragmented world is moving.” -Brian McLaren

The other day i was reading the book “adventures in missing the point”.  A chapter dealing with missing the point of worship hit me as I am in the process of grappling with my own form of worship through photography.  I started thinking about how the images I capture invoke peace, justice or wholeness.

or not.

I would have to say that I try to have a hint of playfulness, or intimacy or character.  But knowing that I am learning how to tell a story through images.  To not just have the shot.  But to know the light.  To learn my tool well enough to manipulate it to getting what I want. manipulate.  thats not a pretty word it is? But I suppose part of it is true, if I want to tell a story or invoke emotion, there is something to say about how that happens.

at any rate I an still learning.  I want images that I create to be meaningful. Images that are intimate. and, in many ways timeless.

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  • I have always loved this part of you. You hold an innate ability to understand yourself in ways that do not necessarily fall along the same lines as the gateway you take for reflection. You are able to look through your internal lens despite the filter you are viewing life through. Case in point: you read a book of worship and it causes you to meditate your worship through your gifts. You, naturally being the person you are, think that this can be a “natural” transition, but it is your special gifting that allows for this internalized searching.
    I like who you are and am touched that you have not allowed yourself to remain stagnant in your approach to living and loving.