Krzysiek Family | Bellingham

Earlier this month, when I went up to Bellingham for Brandon & Olivia’s wedding I had the chance to reconnect with Angie and Andy…Angie and I had spent long hours driving to  Everett, from Bellingham…and back again, 2 to 3 times a week for classes in our Graduate Program.  Yes folks up to 6 hours a week together in a car.  Believe it or not there was NEVER a dull moment!!!  I love spending that time with Angie and felt blessed to have had the opportunity to share my graduate school experience with her.  When I first met Angie she was newly pregnant with a little girl named Nena…

Nena is now 4 years old. Holy cow ~ I can’t believe it.

AND…she now has a little brother, Liam.

Together they make the family complete ~ and sickeningly cute.

K’s, thanks for taking an adventure in the rain a couple weeks ago!!  I was so blessed to see you all again 🙂

~ Devon Michelle

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