Kyle & Kari Henderson | Sumner Wedding

By far the most relaxed and easy going wedding to date ~ Kyle & Kari were married June 23 at the Sumner Windmill Gardens.  It had rained all week, even all morning, but the moment we stepped onto the property at the Windmill Gardens there was not a cloud in sight.  I remember calling Kari the morning of the wedding asking her how she was doing (it was raining sideways at that moment) and her response was so calm I just wanted to hug her.  I guess thats the thing about weddings, you can plan all the details you want but at the end of the day you will stand united as husband and wife…regardless of the weather.  Kari had that clear focus, resting in the knowledge that when all was said and done she was going to be Kyles wife.  I love that about her…Congratulations Kyle & Kari and may God Bless you in your journey!

We pulled the “I’m getting married card” at the South Hill Puyallup Starbucks 🙂 This Barista was glad to help out with some pre-ceremony caffination!!

A HUGE thank you to my sister, Carly, who helped me out for the day…If it hadn’t been for her these next two images wouldn’t have happened.  SO glad they did!!


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