LoPresto Family | Tacoma Family Photographer

As I walked through the door the twins confidently stepped up to greet me, show me the bows in their hair and how their dresses twirled. The baby was content and ready for photos, she had grown so much in the last year…Both mom and dad were set & prepared, as if they did family photos weekly. They know how to move effortlessly, each responding to the kids with grace, as if it was a part to play in an intricate dance. Some families are just like that…calm, collected and ready to face whatever challenge that is presented when you have three young children.

It’s amazing how much a family grows year after year. I know I’ve said it before, but having the opportunity to work with a family more than once gives me as the photographer a wonderful chance to connect. To remember how to interact with the kids to produce authentic smiles and how to encourage mom & dad to snuggle at just the right times.  I hope to see your family again in 2014!


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