Lunderville Family | Tacoma Family Photography

If you joined Shaun & I for our Mini Sessions in November, you more than likely met Samantha. The funny thing about photography is that I end up having amazing interactions with my clients and they often become friends. Samantha started out as a client, expressed interest in learning the business side of photography and  joined me for a couple sessions. I have to say that I really admire her courage to contact me and express interest to learn.  I admire her ambition…her vision and desire to embrace the kind of photography she is passionate about. How many times have I been too afraid to reach out to other photographers to connect, ask a question, or build a friendship?

As a thank you for all that Samantha has taught me about being brave (and for helping out with the mini’s)  I put her family in front of the camera to grab some images before Samantha left for college.

PS.  Would believe this family met when it was 23 degrees outside??  Brave, brave souls!!


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