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I’ve woken up and realized that no one is going to make my family memories for me.

It really hit home when I was at my parents cabin about 6 weeks ago flipping through some old family albums.  My parents weren’t photographers at all, but they were mindful enough to snap photos and keep a family photo album.  Camping trips, school plays, family reunions and summer BBQ’s at the lake left their mark on our family.  I am so blessed to have such a wealth of memories with my family and friends growing up.

It was then that I realized that I wanted Taylor to have the same kinds of rich memories that I did.  And that I needed to take a proactive role in creating those memories.

So this summer I have taken the time to slow down. Enjoy our backyard and walk the streets of our neighborhood. Give him that (messy) popsicle. And  intentionally spend the extra time with my family, even if that means that other area’s of my life lay dormant for a season.  And I am completely fine with that, in the end those are the relationships that will remain through the good times and the bad.

These images were taken when we were on a family camping trip last week…my sister and parents were with us in Eastern Washington.  We soaked up the sun and the pool and the smores and came home deliriously happy, sunburned and sleepy!


Our campsite had TONS of pine cones…whenever we needed to have a little distraction for Taylor we gave him a bucket and told him that we needed him to collect the pine cones.


This cat showed up under our trailer on the first morning we were there…and did didn’t leave the entire time!  My dad affectionately started calling him JJ ~ and he almost came home with us.  Its unfortunate that Shaun is allergic to cats!!


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