Mann Family

A couple words about Made to Create – 10 days ago I loaded up my car with all the supplies you might think to bring to camp.  I met with 43 other photographers for the weekend and let the relationships play out as they would.  My experience hosting a camp is always a bit different from those who attend.  While I love all the crazy fun stuff that happens…the most meaningful moments are when I get to stand back, look around and see people connecting.

There were several points over that weekend when everyone was engaged in conversations about their hearts desire…it was beautiful and everything that it was meant to be.

Having the chance to teach about my passion and joy for family photography to Tacoma Photographers at Made to Create 2016 was wonderful!  I’ve always said that a family will hire me once because they saw my work or a friend recommended me as a photographer.  The second year they hire me because they had a good experience, amazing photos from last year, and they didn’t want to go through the hassle of  searching for another photographer.  The third time that a family hires me is because now I’m just a part of the routine and the family dynamics.  I know the jokes that makes dad laugh and how to tease the kiddos at just the right time.  I reassure mom that I’ve seen kids misbehave WAY worse than hers…and I will discard any shred of self dignity to do what I can to make those kids laugh!

This is just how patient and amazing this family is…they arrived, greeted by 45 people taking a group photo (and acting a bit crazy), asked to hike with their two kiddo’s up to the top of the camp and then pose and repose and then pose again and again while I facilitated 2 on 1 shooting times.  Somehow, between all the crazy that was happening around them Shauna, Steve, Ashton and Eleni were perfect!
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