Mann Family || Tacoma Family Photographer

Shauna and I solidified our friendship over a break up and ice cream almost 13 year ago and we’ve remained friends ever since.  We were involved in a youth ministry together up in Bellingham, some of my favorite memories were from our times in ministry!  It’s funny, you’d think that getting married, moving to different cities and the onset of children would have had a little more wear and tear on our friendship…but it hasn’t.   Shauna and I didn’t have much contact during each other’s pregnancies, it’s only been in the last year that our boys have had a chance to play together regularly.

It was nearly a year ago that one my oldest and dearest friends moved from Seattle to about a mile from where I live. Last spring she told me she was pregnant with baby number two I was so happy to oblige pregnancy cravings, venting sessions about swollen feet and back pain and finally snuggling Eleni in real life.  When Shauna and her husband decided to move to Tacoma I was beside myself that I got to do motherhood with her! We get to have playdates and eat toasted cheese sandwiches and exchange babysitting and go to swimming lessons together.

Every day I am thankful that I have the chance to continue to build memories with her and her family.


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