Mike & Therese || Tacoma Wedding Photographer

When I first met Mike & Therese back in Spring they told me the “theme” of their wedding was “The Beetles”. SO I waited all Summer (and a little into Fall) to see how these two pulled it all together for this adorable wedding! And they nailed it ~ from the moment I walked in to see the giant, colorful flowers all over the wall to the Yellow Beatle they used on their guestbook, the amazing silly shoes everyone wore and the beautiful flower crown for Therese; each little detail was magical and perfect.

But the thing is that when they were planning their big day with all those details they had everyone else in mind ~ how they could honor their guests and their parents; the little gifts they had for the kids that were involved and the joy they expressed when they saw all their family and friends.  As cute as Mike & Therese’s wedding was, I will always remember the selfless love they had for their community.


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