Moments of 2012

I’ve never liked bubble tea. I didn’t get my hair “ombre” colored. I didn’t purchase skinny jeans when they came on the scene in 2006 (confession: I did get a pair this last fall, 6 years after they became cool). I hate to wear name-tags at church (sorry Destiny City Church) . And I’ve always resisted doing a “best of” post. Simply because they seem to be the thing to do every January and I don’t really want to be one that follows the trend.

But this year I felt different. I hate to admit it but I’m coming off a season of struggle, not just in business but in life in general. I felt like I needed to do this post for myself, to remind me of the work that I’ve done. I know it sounds vain…but I needed a reminder that I can do this. I wanted to see these moments again because they are real. And many of them unscripted. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. The Lord opened the doors for me and I decided to take the shot.

Choosing these collection was difficult for so many reasons, not because I think I’m such a great photographer, but because I was blessed to work with so many individuals who were not afraid to be genuine in front of my camera. The real-ness of these moments is why I do this.


One of my most challenging area’s. Challenging but rewarding. Can I just say that I love the families I work with but I often walk away completely exhausted and drained (should a photographer even admit that??). There is so much energy pumped into these sessions – high expectations for kids to behave, dad to smile correctly, the weather to be perfect. However the images that end up leaving me breathless are the moments between “perfection”.


Can I just say how much I love portrait work? I am giving opportunity to catch people at their best. My hope is to catch that smile that mom loves. The giggle that is uniquely theirs. The seriousness and depth of their soul. There can be such intimacy in portraiture that I get excited explore with each person I meet.


Out of everything that I am blessed to photograph, engagement shoots are by far my favorite! I love the familiarity and affection shared between two people as they look ahead to their future together. I love the laughter. I love the snuggles and the “canoodling “.



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