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Like I said the other day, Cle Elum holds a magic for me. I feel more alive when I breath deep and I feel the crisp air fill my lungs. I had wanted to spend some time working on personal photography this weekend; the only camera’s I brought were my film (Nikon N60) and my Fuji Intax Mini, oh, and my iPhone 5 (that counts as a camera, right?). The goal was to shoot a couple rolls of film, however 10 minutes into shooting I started getting the “error” message on my Nikon. Apparently, the cold air (17 degrees?) was a little too much for the poor thing and the mirror was getting stuck …nothing a little time inside by the heater didn’t fix.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get a rangefinder. Maybe. If I turn hipster enough, right now I lean a little too much on the yuppy mom side.

Shaun and I had a chance to get out and spend a little time (just the two of us) in the snow. I snapped a couple images with the Intax, but all the ones below are from my iPhone 5…where would I be without that thing, right? I’ll post the film images once they get developed.









**images taken with iPhone 5 and edited with vsco

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