Mortell Family || Tacoma Family Photographer

This was my third year meeting with Cathy & her silly family… I know I preach about this all the time…but I love seeing family’s year after year.  Watching how the family changes (or doesn’t change) brings me joy! There is a comfort in knowing how to work together as clients and photographer.   Knowing how we work together allows our sessions run smoothly, I will have a better understanding of the dynamics of each family member… also we can avoid all that awkward small talk after that first session (only kidding!!).  Joking aside, as much as I want to be your family photographer, I want to be able to know who your family is.  To understand the nuances that show that mom & dad are in love, that brother & sister care deeply for each other and the family pet is most definitely the favorite child.  Capturing those moments that look like just a photo to others, but hold memories for you, is my primary goal when we work together.

So…Cathy…I have that I have convinced you to hire me again next year?? Would love to giggle with you all again!


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