My co-pilot, Shaun.

So….I love my job.  the photographer part (all else is a means to and end)…and I love going out, meeting new people and getting to know them as we spend a couple hours together.  I love getting new angles, poses, lighting and can shift into auto-pilot when I am out.  But there are times when Shaun, my husband, gets to come with me.  i joke that he is the “real” photographer & i am very much the decoy…we all have a good laugh while he humbly denies it.

I LOVE that I get to do this with him.

Let me give you a little background with Shaun & photography…he bought his first Nikon d40 when we first started dating…neither one of us was too sure why he bought the camera, he wasn’t all that interested in photography but wanted to be.  Over the last three years he used the camera, usually on the “automatic” settings.  In the last year he’s gone out on shoots with me and gotten increasingly interested in doing this photography thing well.  I’ve been so impressed by his desire to learn this little hobby of ours.  It has been a complete joy to see his eye develop for lighting, composing photos and becoming at ease with the fact that yes, he is an amazing photographer…I am so blessed to have him as my co-pilot in this adventure that is our life, our ministry..our marriage.

so, by the way…all the images below…were taken by Mr. T.  (shaun that is)

he’s got a gift in capturing the candid moments….

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