My Own Sweet Family

There is no better way to celebrate Valentines day than to recognize the ones that I love most in my life…my sweet boys Shaun & Taylor. There is truly nothing I wouldn’t do for them. They have been motivation for building my business and for working hard to create a home that is full of love and memories.  There isn’t a man that I know that works as hard as Shaun, its amazing to see how much of his heart he pours into his school and I am SO proud of all he has accomplished.  He is an incredible roll model for Taylor and I love seeing how their relationship has grown over these last couple years. Taylor, my source of inspiration and exhaustion!  There is more passion in this kids little finger than there is in my whole body. I love how his imagination and creativity have bloomed this year.  I am always so surprised by what he is learning and how he is taking in the world around him!

This last fall we brought my friend Candice from Ivy & Tweed Photography up to my parents property in Cle Elum for our yearly family photos. Little did we know that not only were we taking photos of my dear family…we were also taking photos of our NEXT little adventure! About two weeks after our family session we learned we were pregnant with Takenouchi number two and we can’t wait to meet our new baby in August 2017!

There are still a lot of questions of what this next season holds for our family and we are so excited to find out. But I do know that many things will remain the same.  First of all Devon Michelle Photography will still be taking on clients up through mid July.  I will likely be taking off the month of August to spend lots and lots of time kissing on baby and being together as a family. And I’ll  resume scheduling my family portrait sessions starting in early September.  More details will come in the next couple weeks about all this, but for now we are celebrating this Valentines day with a little EXTRA love in our hearts!



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