Natalie | Ukraine Mission

I haven’t been in the habit of blogging to many of the Living Social Sessions over the last couple of months but this story is worth telling.

Last weekend my sister and I set out to meet Natalie. I have never met a braver young woman ~ her passion is for Ukrainian Orphans. She centers her work around providing these children with individual attention, becoming an advocate for better health care, nutrition and vitamins. God is moving in her heart to continue to reach out to these children.

If you have a couple minutes please head over to her blog where she shares her experience and the stories of the children she has met . You can also make a tax deductible donation to Natalie through Project Hopeful PO Box 350 Plainfield IL 60431 with Natalie Colyer in the memo line.

Natalie is heading off to a second mission on June 26, 2012. If you could do me a favor (and Natalie and the sweet kiddos she will be impacting) please send some prayers her way. This girl has a huge heart and I admire her drive to make a difference to these children.

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