Neeley Family | Puyallup

Wesley, Erin, Elliot & Edith: cutest family in Puyallup.   I met Wes and his then girlfriend, Erin, when I moved to Nash Hall, on the Campus of Western Washington University…I had NO IDEA that 10 years later we would again re-united…only this time with kids in tow!!

All I’m sayin is who in their right mind gives a kid a FULL DRUM SET?  I later found out that it lives in his (sound proof) room upstairs.

Really, I think Wes just wanted another toy to play  🙂

read it and weep…its a full line up of converse.  My little heart was melting.

In case you missed them the first time….

oh and here is the cutie they belong to…

hey check this out (I was the one who showed her how to do this…)

Thank you Neeley family for letting me come and hang out!  You guys are an amazing family and I was blessed to have the chance to spend some time with you!

God Bless!

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