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This last weekend I had the chance to cross off one item from my list of 2013 goals: attend a photography workshop.

My dear friends Aaron & Meg Nelson of Evantide Photography and Clinton James Photography put together PhotoLUSH.  The idea is so beautiful and organic, local photographers building a community to share, learn and grow together.  There were nearly 80 photographers who came together so share work, swap stories, network and encourage each other!  I was so blessed to be a part of it for the weekend…and I was so spoiled to have the chance to spend some time with the Nelsons!!

We had the opportunity to work with models (something I’ve never done before) at the Heritage Flight Museum with some amazing aircraft!  Those poor girls had to listen to about 20 photographers barking orders at once ~ but they did phenomenal under the circumstances! Also – thank you to Tart Beauty, who did the hair and makeup on these girls!!

I recently purchased the VSCO Film 02 and hadn’t had a chance to play with it too much, so thats what I edited with this time around.

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