Ryan Family || Tacoma Family Photographer

What do you do when you have one day, one chance to catch a family with everyone in town, and it starts to rain? You move fast…and laugh a lot. Thats how things rolled when I met with Kim & Pat and their kids. You might remember Chaz from a couple months ago…you know the one with the dirt on his teeth? He’s back…and a little cleaner this time around.

I sincerely enjoyed having the chance to glimpse into who this family is together and how they love each other. I loved watching Kim snuggle so close to Pat that she couldn’t help but to give him a smooch. I love that they felt comfortable enough to show their affection towards each other so instinctively. I’ve known the Ryan family for a long time…I’ve watched Chaz grow up, experienced pep talks with Pat and eaten BBQ with Kim at our house on the 4th of July. After knowing a family for so long I can look at these images and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, just how proud Kim & Pat are of their family.


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