Samantha || Tacoma Senior Photographer

“The student was an aggressive learner – he hit the books.”

I learned within about 3 minutes that Samantha was a student of random facts…and ridiculous puns!!  SO you can imagine that we had a good time joking around throughout her whole session.  It was in this session that I learned that rats like to live in ivy…not because I met one during our session…but because Samantha randomly knew it!  I was so delighted by who Samantha is ~ and I know that her quick wit (and affinity for random facts) will carry her far!!Samantha-.jpgPINSamantha-1056.jpgPINSamantha-1036.jpgPINSamantha-1082.jpgPINSamantha-1083.jpgPINSamantha-1124.jpgPINSamantha-1126.jpgPINSamantha-1135.jpgPINSamantha-1152.jpgPINSamantha-1163.jpgPINSamantha-1213.jpgPINSamantha-1274.jpgPINSamantha-1245.jpgPIN

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