“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.” –  Lucille Ball

Hands down one of my favorite sessions this year! Sarah was a model for one of my Bri’s Beauty sessions…but I instantly felt connected to her as a fellow red head!  And as a bonus, that dress she is wearing; my Senior Ball dress from 1997.  Who knew the trends would work their way back around? There was something so ethereal about working with Sarah.  Maybe it was the long dress, maybe it was the color of that day or the graceful way she moved but it just worked for her.  Working one on one with a client model is satisfying in a way that I just can’t put my finger on.

We had such a great time exploring Chinese Reconciliation Park in Tacoma – it’s such a beautiful location for photography!

Sarah Johnson-2036.jpgSarah Johnson-2045.jpgSarah Johnson-2061.jpgSarah Johnson-2041.jpgSarah Johnson-2080.jpgSarah Johnson-2099.jpgSarah Johnson-2092.jpgSarah Johnson-2107.jpgSarah Johnson-2131.jpgSarah Johnson-2138.jpgSarah Johnson-2142.jpgSarah Johnson-1885.jpgSarah Johnson-1903.jpgSarah Johnson-1892.jpgSarah Johnson-1926.jpgSarah Johnson-1920.jpgSarah Johnson-1938.jpgSarah Johnson-1960.jpg
Sarah Johnson-1964.jpgSarah Johnson-1978.jpgSarah Johnson-1990.jpgSarah Johnson-2027.jpg

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