Scholz Pumpkin Farm

Last week Taylor took a fieldtrip with his classmates…I didn’t grow up visiting a pumpkin patch every October.  We usually picked out pumpkins the size of our heads at the local Albertsons (don’t get me wrong those worked great and we loved carving them into our jack-o-lanterns for sure!).  But now that I’ve had a taste of the cute overload that is the PNW pumpkin patch, complete with turkey’s, corn maze’s, fog and locally grown organic produce I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the grocery store pumpkins.

Taylors class from First Presbyterian Chuch School brought us out and I tagged along with my camera to see if I could catch some cute pictures.  I loved how the kids truely enjoyed all that Scholz Farms offered; they were the perfect hosts for our little class!

pumpkin patch-3547.jpgPIN

pumpkin patch-3524.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3515.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3527.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3530.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3531.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3529.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3536.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3540.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3689.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3556.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3560.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3561.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3553.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3575.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3574.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3587.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3703.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3591.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3593.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3595.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3713.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3601.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3662.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3639.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3672.jpgPIN
pumpkin patch-3673.jpgPIN

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