Shelcie’s Bridal Tea Party || Hawaii Bridal Shower

I don’t even know where to start with this party.   The time and effort that went into every detail of this party was to bless my sister in law…and I can’t think of a more deserving bride!!

SO here are the details…Donica Ida (who is the mastermind behind my branding) created the ombre theme, hand dyed the table cloth and napkins; her mother hand sewed the tags in each napkin!  Each napkin had individualized name and titles…ALL the signs were created, hand-painted, and printed individually crafted with Shel in mind.

THE FOOD.  Oh my gosh the food.  I can’t even tell you…Kelcie was the grand master mind behind every little morsel of food that we ate.  The ladies at the shower absolutely gushed over every bit.

Okay…for the starters: Cucumber cups with smoked salmon filling, won ton sausage cups, mini caprese kabobs, shrimp cocktail, ahi poke and stuffed mushrooms.  Our next course Sandwiches; Ham & Turkey wraps, tuna on sweet roll and Mediterranean style focaccia.  Salads; Italian pasta salad, quinoa salad with ginger-citrus dressing and spinach salad with strawberries & red wine vinaigrette.  The Tea Bar (yes, we had a tea bar!!) included Passion Tea Lemonade, rosemary lemonade, iced tea, water with cucumber & lemon and three types of hot tea.  Lastly (and my favorite) Dessert: mini cupcakes, mini pudding tarts, layered ombre Jell-O, Tea Cookies, mini pizzelles, mini creme brûlée, chocolate covered strawberries and fancy fruit with strawberry fluff.

Yeah.  I firmly believe that Kelcie and her mother slept for about a week after cooking all that food!  Not only that, but Kelcie had this vision for the flowers, and talked to no less than every florist on Kauai to make sure that we would have the flowers we needed for the arrangements. There were so many personal touches and contributions from everyone we knew! The rosemary came from Donica’s garden and the eucalyptus came from a family friend.   Some of the fresh (and I mean fresh) fish was caught and prepared by Kelcie’s family the day before the shower!

My very favorite last detail is at the end of this post…I hope you will scroll through to check it out!!


Lastly…one of my favorite details of the shower…Shelcie had no clue any of it was going on!  Kelcie was flying in from the Big Island, so Shel knew about that.  BUT she didn’t know that Donica was flying in from New York, or that Taylor & I were coming in from Tacoma.  And when we all met her at the airport THIS was the best possible reaction we could have hoped for.  Within seconds we were all in tears!


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  • Devon, this is a perfect compilation of pictures and story line to describe Shelcie’s unforgettable bridal shower/tea party. You forgot just one thing! In addition to her amazing bridesmaids, Shel has an equally amazing maid-of-honor who just happens to be her sister-in-law, mother of her favorite nephew and wife to her one and only dear, dear brother. Yes, Dev, that would be YOU! The sister she never had and longed for! Let’s tell the world about her too!!!