Smiley Wedding | Kitsap

First wedding of the year…I always wake up early, double check all our gear, re-read the schedule, make mental notes of images I want to get, pack extra water and comfy shoes and pray that everything goes as planned throughout the day (and that I don’t go into Labor as Alison is walking down the isle with her father).  If I’ve ever learned anything from my time as a photographers its that nothing, and I mean NOTHING ever goes as planned.  I didn’t go into labor (much to everyones relief) and I had bundles of energy throughout the day…but everything else changed!! The key is flexibility ~ which everyone had plenty of so we had a great day!

Both of these families came together to bless Alison & Tyler on their wedding day and it was so amazing to see how Alison & Tyler were completely comfortable and relaxed and SO SO SO excited to become husband and wife.  I loved it! Enjoy ~~




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  • Oh Devon, what a sweet couple! I especially enjoyed the photo of the two dancing, the two with their foreheads touching under her veil and the bouquet toss! 🙂 So lovely!

  • Oh Devon! What a sweet couple! I especially enjoyed the picture of the two dancing, the one with their foreheads touching under her veil, and the bouquet toss! Very lovely!