still working on it

i know i don’t post on here often…my other blog, which i may get away from around the first of the year is where i have been posting.  but i am still trying this one out.

its a journey learning new technology.  really it is.

this week in arizona a small group of professional photographers got together.  this is the first time i could have considered myself to be one of them…but here i am rubbing noses with folks who give the appearance to of knowing what they are doing.  i mean, if they aren’t sure what they are doing they are doing a great job of pretending while the rest of us flounder.

i feel encouraged and challenged on my journey this week.  i am learning to take photos because they make me happy, not because they will make someone else happy.  i guess its similar to counseling in that i have to know who i am in order to really develop as a photographer.  i know i am not too traditional in the pictures i shoot.

i was told my photos are “strong” but i’m not really sure what that means.

at any rate i feel like it was just nice to sit with a group of photographers and talk OPENLY about what they do, the equipment they use.  hidden resources and sites that are uber helpful.  to talk a little about our insecurities and our strengths.  to have someone critique the work that i labored over.

i guess i’ve felt with some photographers a protectiveness in the work the do.  and i’m not really sure why.  i am afraid to ask questions or be to invasive about someones art because its really their work and the don’t want someone else to re-create it.  on the other hand its also a business and being protective is kind of like saying there is a “secret sauce” to their images.  but i’m learning fast..there is no secret sauce.  just vision.  and perseverance.  and a little bit of sugar and spice.  i need to leave out fear.

fear of other. myself. of the fact that i might just fail at this. and i’m probably going to fail.  and i’m okay with that.  its a process and i’m developing into the photographer i need to be.  not for the approval of other people but or me. i need to re-invent myself. so much has changed over the last three years is amazing to me that i still have a sense of who i am at all.

i don’t have the corner market on change.  i just have an in for change for my own life.  i know i’ll learn. i am accepting the fact that i don’t have to compare myself to people around me.  God has made me beautiful and he has given me an eye for the beautiful.  i love that he continues to give me chances to use images to speak.  images instead of words this time around.

anyway…if you have actually READ through all that.  i am going to post a couple images from these last couple amazing days…i would LOVE feedback (if anyone is out there and actually reading this).  i don’t think that people speak to each other enough.  encourage each other enough or give opinions enough.  so you can consider this my invitation.  please.  talk to me.

Briana & Jeff are our new parents…they are incredible!!




We had an amazing bride and groom come and put up with all the photographers for an entire afternoon…such troopers




i have about a million more…but thats all i’m going to put up for now…if you want to see more of my work check out my facebook fanpage.

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