Summer Ice Cream

We have had a crazy, unseasonably warm spring and summer in Tacoma.  So early that my neighbor and I cleared out the space between our houses to make a garden. So warm that our lawns were brown by the 4th of July and the kids were jumping in the pools by mid June as soon as school got out. And this year, for the first time, they kids figured out what the ice cream truck is for. We were sitting around visiting and heard that fateful music coming closer…wallets were raided and popsicles were purchased (and subsequently traded). I love having these memories with Taylor and the kids in the neighborhood. It reminds me of an innocence that I feel like our world is losing around every corner.

ice cream-3459.jpgPIN
ice cream-3460.jpgPIN
ice cream-3482.jpgPIN

A couple weeks ago Let the Kids Dress Themselves featured some of my thoughts and images about how much I love the community in my neighborhood, you should go check it out!

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