Sweet Baby Phoebe | Kirkland Baby Photography

I forget how small they are until the moment she is in my arms while Mom gets the last minute details ready.  She immediately recognizes that I’m not her mother and wiggles, searching for the familiar scent.

I really enjoyed working with sweet Phoebe last weekend ~ It reminded me of just how much children need their parents.  Not just to nurture, feed and shelter (although its important) but to bond, adore and allow themselves to feel that fierce protection over their new baby.  I learned in a Psychology class that baby’s have an innate ability to solicite compassion from their parents ~ its not just a cute “technique” they pick up  ~ its a survival skill.   The Angus family has two other children that keep them busy, and giggling, and chatting away over chicken fingers and sippy cups of milk.  I admire their dedication to set aside time to have images taken of their third child ~ allow the focus to be on their new baby to remember who she was in her first weeks of late night feedings, poopy diapers and all the little noises a newborn makes.  Angus family ~ thank you for trusting me with your sweet baby, I am looking forward to seeing you all again in March 2013!

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