Taylor + Bear

Some of my dear friends had their baby today.  They spent 9 months waiting, praying and preparing for this little baby to join their family and the wait ended this morning. When they sent me the photo my eyes welled up.  I don’t have baby fever (…Shaun on the other hand…) but it did get me thinking about having a house full of children. I have always dreamed of having a house full of teenagers.  Call me crazy (and I’m well aware that my feelings may change) but I just love the drama and the conversations that can happen with teens.  Not to say that I don’t love Taylor at three and a half and on the verge of little boyhood.  I am learning to love these little moments with my son.  So much of me wants to keep him little, but at the same time, I look forward with hopeful anticipation of what life holds in store for my little boy.

These are several frames I took a few weeks back when the winter light was streaming into his room and he was loving on his best bud, Bear.

Taylor & Bear-5423.jpgPINTaylor & Bear-5441.jpgPINTaylor & Bear-5437.jpgPIN
Taylor & Bear-5439.jpgPINTaylor & Bear-5448.jpgPINTaylor & Bear-5456.jpgPINTaylor & Bear-5464.jpgPIN

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