Taylor | The Beginning of the End

Please excuse the unnerving quiet on the blog as of late…we’ve had a couple huge changes in our lives this last 6 weeks.  On April 28th our baby boy decided  he’s had enough of his cramped quarters and made his way out into the world, since then he has been working on figuring things out.  So have we ~ our world looks so much different with our little man in it.  I wanted to show you a bit of what we have been up to, so please forgive me for the length of my post…there is much to see.  And we think every moment is so, so amazing.


Proud, proud Daddy!


OH this has to be one of my favorite photos of Taylor yet! We used it for his birth announcement 🙂


“Taking a bath is SO stressful”


Although I’ve loved grabbing the “grown up” camera…I usually don’t have time.  SO as a result there have been an abundance of photos taken with my iphone.  I thought it would be funny to compile them for this post.


I am just in love with this Sheep Mobile that Shaun’s sister and mother got for Taylor!!


Excuse me, but do you have tickets? (Tickets for what?) (Points to arm and flex) To the gun show!


We celebrated a late Mother’s day with a BBQ at our house with both of our families…it was the first time EVER that we were all in one place for any sort of holiday!


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SOOOOO…Shaun’s family is a huge fan of a drink his uncle made up, “li hing mui tequila”.  Now, I can handle many, many types of crazy and random foods that Shaun and his family give to me, li hing mui is NOT one of them. My dad on the other hand can’t even stomach Thai food.  To make this drink Shaun soaked the seeds for over a week  and when a sip was offered to my Dad he was polite and tried it. I had my camera ready for what came next.

He gets credit for trying.


While we were all in one place, we decided to get some family photos.  Although it was a challenge with a 3 week old baby I give Lisa a TON of props for working with us!!



Thank you for joining us on this journey, we have much to learn but feel like we are prepared for all the new adventures and challenges 🙂

Welcome to the world little Taylor Hiroshi!!

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