Taylor Turns Five

He is my muse. My source of energy and exhaustion all in one afternoon. My little tornado in a bottle. He is my Taylor.

Today, at 4:59 am he turned FIVE years old.  There is only one Taylor, but some days it feels like there are three of him, he is so busy and energetic. I wouldn’t give anything to change up our little club for two right now.  I get to have him all to myself most days and watching him grow and explore the world around him is such a joy.  This last fall we enrolled in a school that was close enough for Taylor and I to walk to class.  That time with him, just walking and talking, has become so precious to me.  As he has gotten older he has started to make sense of the world around him.  He asks questions and comes up with the most surprising insights.

Several weeks ago Taylor stopped me as I left his room one night, he asked “Momma, where does God live.” So we talked about Jesus and God and how he loves us enough to live in our hearts. He quickly asked if God could come out of our hearts, when I asked why he responded “because I want to give him a hug”.   And I don’t know if Taylor truly understood the depth of what we were talking about, but he thinks about things in such an innocent and sweet way.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy. I love being your momma!


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