The Lipscomb Family | Puyallup

I’d like to introduce you to the Lipscomb Kids…they came looking for an adventure.

this is Grant, the oldest of the bunch.  I was so impressed with his gentle heart…

his younger cousins all look up to him.

but he doesn’t let it go to his head.

Skylar is the one with the mischievous eyes.

i didn’t need to ask him twice to be goofy.  he’s pretty gifted at that.

sigh.  laci.  the most pensive eyes.  EVER.

she informed me that she “just liked being herself” in photographs.  my kind of girl.

logan.  oh logan.  he never stops smiling.


except for this photo.  with his brother hugging him.

we only shot for an hour.  it was 37 degrees we had to keep them moving

and over all, this family did not disappoint.

all energy and smiles (except for that one photo of logan) all the time.

Merry Christmas Lipscomb family!!  Thanks for braving the cold with me ~~

Please comment below if you had as much fun as I did reading this post!!!

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