the nanny

you know those movies that start out with the tough LA cop hunting down and chasing the crazy bad guy? Then the chief calls him in…”Agent X, we have a new special assignment…”   it turns out to be kids.

thats right, i said kids.

he has to be some kind of high profile nanny for some kids in a witness protection program (or something like that).  and we all know the  story, the agent gets kicked around by the kids for a while, almost gets up  and then gets a pep talk from the chief…the kids do something adorable and everyone tears up a little.  eventually the he-nanny saves the day, but ONLY after admitting that its hard work.  the tough-r-than-dirt cop admits its hard work taking care of kids.

anyone who is a mother will just say “duh”…i recently became a nanny and it has stretched me so much farther than i ever thought imaginable.  there are days that are so hard, only to have an apology and a hug after the kids have been naughty (and they knew it). but then there are also those days that are so easy and i think i can do this forever.

i was never the “tough cop”  type, but i did work with a pretty rough crowd as a substance abuse counselor for adolescents.  you know i had kids yell and swear at me, i’ve had things thrown at my head, i was chased by pit bulls, i’ve seen my fair share of throw downs in the detention facility. i can handle a couple kids, right?


the one thing i didn’t count on is the nature of kids to not have insight into their own emotions in moments of breakdown.  i mean there is no reasoning with a hysterical 8 year old is there.  i mean a hysterical 16 year old, maybe.  but 8.  not likely.

it comes with the territory, and totally worth it.  i love every minute of this new life (that i’ve had for the last 3 months…) being able to explore new passions, following new dreams and being challenged in a way that my counseling job NEVER did has exposed new parts of my heart that need some serious work.  i wouldn’t change these new challenges ever.   i don’t know what the future holds but i am looking forward with anticipation…

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