The Nolte Family | Tacoma

Meet Kurt & Michelle Nolte.  They have been friends & mentors for Shaun & I since we got married 18 months ago.  We were honored to spend the afternoon with them and their daughters, their son-in-law AND Charlie (the grand-dog).  Since they have been so amazing to know, we would like to introduce them to you as well.

This is Kurt & Michelle.  As you can see they don’t have much of a sense of humor (!!!!) 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE each one of the Nolte girls!

Meet Michal, she will be a famous journalist one day.  You heard it here first.

and this is Becky.  she loves middle schoolers and has the BEST laugh!!

When I first met Bethany she was training to become a firefighter.  This girl is one walking muscle.

and finally, meet Amber.  She is all giggles and full of joy.  if she could she would live in a pool (Go Stadium High School Swim Team!!)

oh yes, and Brian.

who is married to Bethany. and they really don’t have a sense of humor either.

and they have a dog named charlie.

they really are lovely girls and they made our job of taking photos of them look way to easy. because they just ooze beauty & charm.

and creativity and humor.

really, who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Nolte family!

thank you Kurt & Michelle for having such a LOVELY family so we could take your photos!

We love all of you and hope that you are blessed this Holiday Season!!

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