The Olsen Family | Tumwater

Once upon I worked as a Drug & Alcohol Counselor, which is where I met my friend Sarah.  Sarah is a kind & thoughtful friend to those who know her and she wanted to do something special for her friend Heidi, a mother of two. Heidi had mentioned to Sarah that she wished she had more photos of her kids up around her house, this caught Sarah’s attention.   She decided to talk to me…which led to me calling Heidi..which led to arranging a time for me, Heidi, Max and Maggie to meet at Tumwater Falls Park.  This led to a fun morning walk to a place I’d never been before!  Oh & Sarah got to join us ~ which made it even more better ~ wait, can I say “more better” in a blog…?

I had a wonderful time and I was so blessed to meet Heidi & the kids!!


Holy Cow!! Can you say C-UTE!!!!




Doesn’t Heidi have the most AMAZING eyes!!!


Although it looks like he is jumping, he is actually flying!!!  Nice work Max!



Meet Heidi & Sarah!!  Two amazing women ~


THANK YOU for a fun morning Olsen family, Sarah, Moo & Max!!!  Hope you enjoy your pictures!!!

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