The Pinterest Challenge

Since starting Devon Michelle photography in March 2009 I’ve used a couple different methods of getting the name out there.  Facebook, Twitter…the blog…and all with varied success.  Twitter is where I follow and goof off with other photographers, since I really hadn’t been able to connect with many clients there.  Facebook has been amazing for building relationships with clients and sharing photos (in fact I think it has been one of the best marketing tools that I’ve used). And the good old steady (but sometimes neglected) blogsite.

As things stand I am getting a pretty steady number of blog hits a month, which is great. Facebook is by far where most of the action and activity is, but I have been thinking about how to direct more traffic to the blog from other venues rather than Facebook.  Enter Pinterest.

I’m not even sure how this would work, but this is where I am hoping that a couple people can help me out just to test the waters and see if I can use Pinterest to drive more traffic to the blogsite.  If this works I would love to work in integrating Pinterest into how I may reach out to potential clients and utilize this really fun and creative resource.

So here is the part where you current Pinterest enthusiasts come in.  Over the next month I am planning to significantly increase the number of posts on my blog (as I have a huge backlog from the Living Social promotion…).  What I am asking is if you have a spare moment to click on the links that are posted on the Facebook Fanpage and pick out your favorite images from the blogposts and simply “pin” them to your pinterest wall.  I believe that Pinterest will automatically aggregate the data directly to the blog as you pin the image.  I have already done a little “pinning” of my own images, however one person is not as effective as say maybe 5 or 6.

The hope in doing this would be for friends, family, random strangers on Pinterest will see the images, click on them and be directed to the blogsite (where of course they will fall deeply in love with my work and want to hire me for lots and lots of money….oh wait…).  I actually don’t know if this will increase business or just increase exposure for my business…after all this really is an experiment in social media manipulation, right?

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