The Shoch Family Adoption | Tacoma

Hi, my name is Zach.

I recently went to court…

Where I officially became Zachary Michael-Thor Shoch

I wasn’t scared  because the Commissioner was real nice…

and my family is GREAT.

in fact, they were all right there, behind me in support….

and the best part is that I will always get to live with my parents, Jeff & Raquel Shoch.

I’m so excited about the whole thing!!

But I’m getting a little verklempt…just give me a moment here.

deep breath…this is journey is going to be amazing.

Thank you Shoch family, for letting me be a part of your adoption day.

Many blessing as you continue this journey you have begun.

God Bless you all,


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  • I don’t know this family, but I teared up reading this post and seeing the amazing pictures!! I seriously LOVE adoption stories!! CONGRATS and best wishes, Shoch family!! Enjoy your precious new addition!!

  • Love these pics! Especially the one where Zach’s back is to us and you and Jeff are looking at him and laughing! Amazing! So happy for you guys….would still love to know the WHOLE story though…..where did you find him? where is he from? did you get him right at birth? Congrats again guys!