The Streib Family | Puyallup

This is the Streib family…

Little Claire…who is just rounding a year.

her mother Laura (or Lo, as I called her when we went to WWU together).

Lo is passionate about teaching music to children…

so she started a non-profit organization called Vibe of Portland

you should check it out. 

and her father, Nate (or Nate as I used to call him when he married Lo) 

we cannot forget Cassie, the family dog.

but really, she just came along for the food.

last week we took a trip down to the Van Lierups in Puyallup.

to get some killer photos

I’d say it was a pretty successful day.

Thanks for sticking it out with me Claire-bear ~ Glad you have a new tooth to commemorate our little adventure!! Nate & Lo, I am so blessed by your friendship and I am excited to see the places you go! Vibe is an amazing adventure and wish you all the best.

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  • LOVE THEM!!!!! Thank you so much Devon 🙂
    The pics turned out fabulous! Even though we had a grouch of a girl that day. Hopefully our next photoshoot will capture her adorable smile and goofy personality! Love ya!