the wind is blowing like CRAZY out there

i am nestled in my house with nearly all the candles going and toby at my feet. if only the lights would go out then i really could experience this fully.
whatcom middle school burned down last night…it seems strange to be so effected by this event. i didn’t go to school there, but i worked with many middle schoolers who did. on facebook today all my old small group girls commented on the passing of their old middle school and spoke of the memories they’d had there. i cannot image what a tragedy it is to the entire educational community there. shuan works at goodman middle school and i can see how devastating it would be to him and all who he works with and for if it were to be there one day and gone the next.

as with any loss i can see the memorials and flowers and candles that will spring up at the doorsteps. the blame game will start in a couple days…whose fault is it that the school burned? where will all the kids go? where will the teachers go to teach? how quickly will the community get everything up and running so as to not interrupt the kids education? the whole task seems daunting. 50310129.JPG

i know that my prayers go out to the students, families and teachers who are effected by this.

for me, right now, i return to editing photos.

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