Tominaga Family | Lihue Hawaii

Ever since I first traveled to Hawaii (to meet Shaun’s family) in 2007 I’ve wanted to shoot a session there. Something always stopped me; no camera, the rain, busy family schedule, no willing subjects…but this year I decided things would be different.  I packed my camera (much to Shauns chagrin) and a couple weeks before we left I made sure to make contact with Joni and Galen; Joni is Shaun’s cousin and good friend.     When Shaun tells me stories about his childhood, they usually involve golf, roller blades or Joni 🙂

I was so blessed to have the time with Joni, Galen and Samantha.  It means the world to me that they went out on this little adventure and its fun to get to know them better.  As they say in Hawaii, Aloha!!

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