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Life as a photographer can be a little scary….I have to make sure to keep my calendar full because as long as I am booking I am making money. There is often fear that creeps in, fear that referrals will dry up, that I’ll lose my vision, that my camera will get dropped into a lake (well that did happen once, but thats another story).  But I always know I have the Trujillos on my calendar!!  I started this adventure in March of 2009, that summer Holly called me to book a family session. And she has been faithful to call me back ever since.

Our running joke is that the Lord brought us together and that we are “stuck” with each other. I know her kids and their moods, we’ve talked about insecurities, we’ve encouraged each other, we’ve watched each other grow in what the Lord has called us to do. Holly is very dear to my heart for so many reasons, but the one that I hope to share with you in the coming weeks is her heart and vision to start the Angel Wings Foundation.  I recently had the chance to participate in a benefit concert that AWF put together – I had an “official photographer” pass and everything – the post will be coming soon 🙂

But for now…The Tujillos!!


I’ve known Hunter since he was four…and he has always been a snuggler!


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