Trujillo Family | Tacoma Family Photographer

To celebrate Hunters birthday he wanted to have his session in the best setting of all…Kings Books in Tacoma.

The Trujillo family & I have been working together since 2009…I  mean Elle wasn’t even walking when I first met these guys!   The fun part of working with a family for so long is that I get to know their personality.  I learn which side they think is their “good side” and how they like (or don’t like) to be posed.    After so many years of meeting to do sessions, we decided to get more creative with our locations and incorporating props to show off their personalities. As a photographer let me just tell you that these are my dream clients!

Many photographers can do a standard portrait, but honestly, we all want to get a little crazy.  A little different.  Stand out in the sea of other photographers.   And us photographers…we have this list…its the list of dream locations (and they definitely aren’t at your local park) that we are just dying to shoot at.  So if you are in the market for a fun, different or maybe a little crazy family session don’t be afraid to voice that desire.  I promise you that you aren’t going to find to many photographers who will turn you down.  I know I wouldn’t!!


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