Trujillo Family || Tacoma Film Photographer

Holly and John (Hunter & Elle as well) have become some of my dear, dear friends.  They started out as clients ~ you’ve seen them on the blog twice a year for the last five years ~ but something happens when you work with someone in this capacity.  I just can’t help but to care deeply for my clients. So, you will pardon me if I gush about Holly for just a couple minutes.

 Holly has been their for me, good days and bad, she has encouraged and challenged me, both personally and in my business. I just adore her heart for her family and for her community.   Holly has been nothing but genuine with me and I have been so blessed in ways that I don’t think she has ever realized.  A couple years ago she had the courage to create the Angel Wings Foundation , it has been a joy to watch her flourish as this foundation grows and reaches out to help families in her community.  I truly believe that this friendship has been anointed and blessed by the Lord and I am so honored that Holly (and her sweet family) are in my life!


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