Vegas Baby, Vegas.

August 1, 2010.  An epic day in the Takenouchi house.  Instead of flying down to Vegas to meet Shaun’s family for vacation I convinced Shaun that we should take a road trip.  After much discussion (and nashing of teeth) we packed up the blue subi with the tent, camping stove, homemade granola and the camera and hit the road.  I decided to blog the entire trip…you may remember  the “destination vegas” posts from 5 months ago.  After we got home we hit the ground running with nearly back to back weddings, family and senior portrait sessions so the images we had taken on this trip have laid dormant for months.  waiting their turn for their moment in the spotlight.

They are finally getting the chance to shine.  I hope you enjoy…most were taken with our Nikon d90.  There were days however where I didn’t want to carry the big camera around, so I shot with the “baby nikon” (a coolpix point and shoot that is living out its last days) and my iphone4.  Most of the images from the road are the d90…the actual Vegas photos are the baby nikon and the ones that have boarders – well, we’ll just have to thank the iphone hipstamatic for that one.  oh, a word of warning.  its a long post. so stick with me ~

on I-90 heading to Yakima…

day 2.  just past Pendleton, Oregon.

second night on the road…we stopped in Twin Falls Idaho.

the next day was the long stretch of desert. most of which I read a book while we sat and waited for road construction.

Finally made it to Vegas after three days of driving…We stayed at the Encore.  AMAZING.

I had $2.00 that I was willing to spend.  not a bad return.

Back up through California – we are hitting San Francisco and the wine country next.

Red Wood Forrest, Northern California…

Definitely a change of scene in Oregon, almost home…

and with that comes the end of our road trip….two weeks after we got home we learned we were pregnant.

vegas baby.  vegas.

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