Destination Vegas | day three

It’s really too late to do a full blog post – in all actuality we drove for about 9 or 10 hours today. To my surprise I spent much of that time reading the book MeRa gave me 🙂 Shaun was kind enough to drive all day!! I couldn’t believe it. He was a true road warrior after hours and hours and hours of endless desert. Most of the photos I took were of the desert, there were these amazing clouds as we got deeper into Nevada. When we arrived in las Vegas shuns parents were kind enough to let us stay with them until we get to check into out hotel tomorrow…Shelcie and Dane come tomorrow … the adventure continues…

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  • Fun! Looking forward to seeing what you create on the iPad {without being jealous}. And you are bringing a lot of stuff! If that’s how much 2 people need for 2 nights I will never go camping with my 4 children. Haha!