Waltz Family | Tacoma

Hi there, Miss Jocelyn is back…

and she has been as busy as ever.

Because now she is learning to be a big sister.

Its a full time job that the whole family is taking quite seriously ~

because it requires lots of time and attention to be a baby.

Some days are better than others…

But I think little Brett is in very, capable hands.

I am so excited for you Garrett, Chantel & Jocy ~ your little boy is beautiful & I can’t wait to watch him grow!!

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  • What wonderful pictures and what a wonderful family..You are loved so much. May the Lord bless you all as you seek His will in all things.
    Much love always

  • Oh my gosh Devon….
    Yeah… you’ve got the photographing babies thing down. Those are some of the best I’ve seen. You’re pretty dang amazing and that boy is so cute!