Watt Family | Seattle

Imagine 1994: neon colored shirt. 1(800)ifeelokay. Geo Metro’s. Giant Cappuccino mugs and coffee houses. Ripped jeans and combat boots.

Such was the era that I met Janel & Garett. Of course we were all in high school and on top of the world when our friendships blossomed.  After graduation I moved to Bellingham, Garett joined the Navy, and Janel started an internship at our church.  It wouldn’t be until almost 15 years later that Janel & Garret reconnected, fell in love and got married…of course Janel’s mom pegged them as “soul mates” when they were 16 years old.

Its crazy when old friends grow up.  I always remember them as irresponsible teenagers (except for Garret, he was always on point even if he did have hair longer than mine).  To see them now as adults and as parents reminds me of just how much we have all changed.  Those childhood memories are close to my heart and now they have children of their own who will be creating those memories for themselves soon.

Say a prayer for Garret, Janel, and their children, the day after we met for this session he was deployed for 6 months.  I am so thankful for his service to our country and pray for his safe return.

For as long as I can remember – this is the image that I’ve had of Janel & Garett.  Laughing.  Always laughing.

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