weird choir kids.

tonight i did what middle school youth leaders all over the globe do to support their kids,  i went to a choir concert.

i laughed, i cried, i sat in an overcrowded theater with 600 other parents, friends and teachers to cheer our kids on in support.  i was reminded of my days in school.  when we wore the horrible band uniforms and waited anxiously to shuffle out onto the stage.

tonight the kids did amazing.

but what hit me was with every choir that took the stage there was, at least, ONE kid that you knew was enjoying this far beyond any of the other nervous kids that surrounded him.  you know the one.  eyes closed.  swaying.  just a little too into the music. the kind of kids wan to laugh at, but know it would be too mean.

i can’t laugh though.  because those kids have something i can only hope to have.   passion for their craft.

that passion set them apart.  i could easily identify them among their peers because they were sincerely enjoying what they were doing and didn’t care who saw it.  there they are, in those matching, ill fitting choir uniforms singing their hearts out just because they like it.  man if i could just bottle that up and bring it home with me!

what if i were the strange choir kid in the photography business?  what if my passion for my craft set me apart from those around me?  how cool would that be…

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